We must deport this immigrant that is committing crime in our country

We must deport this immigrant that is committing crime in our country

There is nothing worse in this world when an immigrant comes to our great country and does not respect our laws.  We are a nation of laws and if you can’t respect that then you should not be allowed to stay here.  What is worse is when these immigrants get busted by the police and then instead of learning their lesson, they do something else against our laws.  It must stop.  NOW!

It’s time to deport Justin Bieber.

Recently he was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving and driving on a suspended license.  Both crimes are jailable offenses.  Bieber released a statement that he had been drinking alcohol, smoked some marijuana and taken some prescription meds.  We should all be thankful, he included, that he didn’t kill somebody with his Lamborghini.

Earlier last month he was investigated for possibly egging his neighbor’s house in California, allegedly causing up to $20,000 in damages.  When the cops came to his house with a search warrant, they found Xanax and Ecstasy.  One of Bieber’s buddies said they were his and got arrested.

And he’s been busted earlier for marijuana possession, but reportedly spends $5,000 a week on the drug.

So why is he still allowed to remain in the United States?

Well, first off, he has a visa.  And his visa is ironically for a person of “special talents” which means that his leash for screwing up is a little longer than your average immigrant that comes here.  And when you are here legally, unless you commit a serious felony, you’ll usually get a pass.

The catch is that there isn’t a clear cut answer on how illegal possession of drugs will be viewed by a deportation officer.  Most likely it won’t become an issue, but there have been legal immigrants that were kicked out of the country for misdemeanor convictions.

Beyond that, being an insufferable douche bag who has no idea how lucky he is or that most of the yes men that surround him could care less about him, is not a crime.  Bill Hader related a story to Howard Stern that when Bieber was on SNL he had a huge entourage of around 20 people with one guy there to hold his drink, another guy there to hold his pizza, etc.  We can’t deport him for that either, but it’s all very pathetic as if he feels that this is how he’s supposed to act.

But if I was able to make the law, I’d certainly be in favor of a three strikes and you’re out (of the country) for legal immigrants when it comes to anything more serious than a traffic ticket.  Someone like Bieber be a young kid that just doesn’t know any better, but I’d bet he’d improve his behavior if he was one strike away.  And it would be even better yet if he didn’t.

UPDATE: Just heard that a petition to deport Bieber has over 100,000 signatures.

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