Does Ventra Finally Have Their Act Together?

Does Ventra Finally Have Their Act Together?

So two weeks ago, I called Ventra because my old CTA Chicago Card Plus hadn’t transferred the unused funds that were on there.  A very nice guy answered the phone, took down my information and told me that he didn’t know anything but promised that someone would call me back within 24-48 hours.  In fact he told me that it would definitely not be more than 48 hours.

I was of course skeptical, but thrilled to even have a live person on the phone.  Then I got back from Thanksgiving break on Monday and realized that nobody had ever called me back.  They also hadn’t responded to a follow up e-mail that I sent.

So I called back on Monday.  The bad news is that the call took about 30 minutes.  The good news is that not only did I get a real live person again, she was also incredibly competent and solved my problem.  It’s somewhat sad and hilarious at the same time as the Ventra records showed that I had a $0 balance, but I was able to send this nice representative a screen shot of my CTA login that showed I in fact had $46.00 remaining.

In a matter of a few minutes after that, I was able to show online that in fact I did get the money properly transferred and my card is active.

I still don’t get the point as to why Ventra even exists.  I certainly hope that it’s making the City some money or eventually will be more efficient than it is.  But man, you’d think the roll out on something like this would have been so much smoother.  I remember when we used to use coins and cash to ride the CTA and when they finally changed over to magnetic cards it was pretty easy.  And of course it also made sense as  drivers were stealing money.

So hopefully there is a similar logic going on this time.  I haven’t heard of one, but of course I haven’t looked too hard either.

From a legal standpoint, if Ventra gets their act together and people aren’t losing their old funds, they probably avoid a class action lawsuit.  And the reality is that once things start working the right way, we might have some bad feelings, but we’ll all move on with our lives and focus on other things.

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