The media is such b.s.

The media is such b.s.

I’m on a listserv for reporters that looks for sources to offer quotes for stories.  I’ve been quoted in various legal stories over the years (see, scroll down to the bottom).  So when you wonder how it that I’m quoted in an article about Arizona State University employment policies, the answer is that I was the first to respond to a reporter with an answer that as far as she knows made sense and was correct.

 As I’ve looked at this list over the last year since I joined, I’m often amused and disgusted to see just how many stories aren’t really news, but writers having an agenda and running with it.  It’s no big deal when the author is looking for restaurant recommendations in Utah.  When it comes to matters of national policy it’s something different.  This little ditty was posted Monday night.

 1) Summary: Looking for a doctor who may need to stop accepting new patients after Obamacare

Name: Amanda Woerner

Category: Biotech and Healthcare


 Media Outlet:

Deadline: 6:00 PM EST - 30 September



 I'm interested in speaking with a doctor who anticipates that he

or she will need to stop accepting new patients due to the

increased demand for physicians as people begin to enroll in

Obamacare over the next months or years.


 Amanda Woerner Health Editor, 1211 Avenue of the

Americas, 14th floor New York, NY 10036 Office:

212-901-4507/cell: 347-268-9298

 My problem with this is it’s not in response to a glut of doctors having trouble with Obamacare.  In fact, the AMA supports it. But there are tens of thousands of docs in the US, so finding some that are against it will push an agenda. 

 This is how media works and it’s not just the right-wingers at Fox that do it of course.  But what gets me is that I can’t imagine that the majority of these writers and producers went to school with this type of approach in mind.  It’s similar to how I feel about lawyers.  Almost everyone I went to law school with seemed like a decent enough person and certainly nobody seemed capable of stealing from clients, committing crimes, blowing off cases, etc.  That of course happens too and the Illinois Supreme Court disciplined 39 lawyers this week including six who were disbarred.

It would just be refreshing to see these networks, websites and newspapers, even for just one day a year, say something like: “”We are against the health care policy, but here are some of the positives.”  Of course if there was one day that happened it would be April Fools.

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