When a good vacation goes bad

When a good vacation goes bad

If you’re getting out of the city this summer, you’re probably planning around weather and thinking about logistics. Maybe you have contingency plans in place in case of flight cancellations, traffic detours or tourist attraction closures. What you probably aren’t thinking about is what happens if you get hurt on vacation. Not just a sunburn or bad hangover, but seriously hurt.

Unfortunately for some summer travelers, their vacation ends with the unexpected. Hotel injuries come to mind. There are multiple opportunities for falls, pool injuries, illnesses, and even criminal activity. Injuries at theme parks or water parks can be very serious. Also, summer travel can result in train, car or bus accidents.

Aside from getting the required medical attention and getting you and your family back home safe, there is the issue of liability for what happened. The result of an accident can be tragic, and it’s important to know that if someone is liable for that tragedy, the law allows you to sue them for reimbursement and even pain and suffering in some cases. The cost to you isn’t just physical. There are medical bills, missed time at work, lack of a paycheck, and the cost of the vacation you didn’t get to finish.

You can’t sue for absolutely anything, and it’s not always for millions (despite what you might think with the crazy lawsuit stories in the media), but if someone is liable then you may very well have a good case. The places you are likely to visit on vacation – hotels, cruise ships, resorts, theme parks – have insurance policies. This makes them “good” defendants, which means an attorney is more likely to take your case.

Injury cases are contingency cases, which means your attorney only gets paid if they win (or get you money in settlement), so there’s not much to lose in going down that road. If you can’t find an attorney to take your case, then it might be a sign that you don’t have one worth pursuing. Either way, it shouldn’t cost you anything to find out. You can’t go back and erase what happened, but you recover what you need for medical bills, future medical care, and other consequences of your injury.

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