What does it take to get arrested these days?

What does it take to get arrested these days?

One of my friends is a bar owner in Chicago.  He’s a great guy and has to deal with more b.s. than you can imagine.  He has vendors that don’t show up on time if at all.  He has to deal with all of the City nonsense. And he has a bunch of employees that steal from him.

One employee in particular was worse than the others.  He caught this scumbag on video showing up to work, clocking in and then leaving for a few hours.  This guy did this multiple times.  It’s all caught on video.  When they confronted the guy as they fired him, he of course denied it and threatened to sue.  My friend asked for my advice and I told him to call the police.  To me this was a clear cut theft of services as this guy received a bunch of pay for work he did not do.  He stole money, plain and simple.

So the police were called, they showed up and although my friend said that they were good guys, they did nothing.  To them it was just a civil matter.  They said not to give the guy his last pay check, told this thief to leave the premises and told my friend that he could sue him, but nothing else.

My friend was livid because this was a theft.  And he has the proof.  The officers said that if he caught the guy stealing from the register they’d arrest him, but they can’t take him in for stealing time or saying that he was working when he was not.

This of course makes no sense.  City employees have gone to jail for the same thing.  I’ve probably received 50 calls over the years from people in the burbs that got busted for it as well.  Getting paid for work you didn’t do, especially when you punch in and then leave the building, is theft.

My friend is at a loss and so am I. This makes no sense at all.
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