Shocker, Donald Trump proves that he’s full of hot air

Shocker, Donald Trump proves that he’s full of hot air












About a month ago, I posted something on Donald Trump suing Bill Maher for claiming that he’s half ape.  See:

In a surprise to nobody, yesterday Trump dismissed his frivolous lawsuit, although he claims it will be re-filed at a later point.

The case could technically be re-filed, but it still won’t have any merit.  Comedians can make jokes, even mean ones and get away with it.  And whether you have thick skin or a dish it out, but can’t take it persona like the Donald, suing will always be unsuccessful when something is clearly said in jest.

What I’m waiting for now is for conservatives to complain about the waste of the court’s time and frivolous lawsuits like this.  There was never any merit to this case other than to harass Bill Maher and get some publicity for himself.  Trump can afford to pay lawyers to file nonsense in the courts and because of that, he gets away with it.

But if as a society we don’t want lawsuits without merit to proceed, there is no better place to make an example of someone than in a high profile case.  So it’s my hope that Maher files a counter suit for sanctions and attorney fees because there is no way that any objective person could take a statement made by a Comedian on a comedy show (although it’s debatable if Jay Leno is comedy) as anything other than satire.

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