Mommy and Daddy were bad parents, so I’m suing

Mommy and Daddy were bad parents, so I’m suing

Raise your hand if you don’t think that you have good parents. As someone who so far has a fantastic relationship with his kids, it’s somewhat shocking to me the number of people that have little to no relationship with their parents. But I don’t and while I might not be in the majority, it’s not like it’s unique to not get along with your parents. Hopefully that makes you a better parent if you become one and even if not, most people get over the fact when they become an adult and move on with their life.

For one man in Brooklyn, there is no moving on. Bernard Rey is suing his parents, alleging that they are to blame for him being unemployed and homeless at the age of 32. As part of the lawsuit, he’s seeking a judgment of $200,000 plus a couple of Domino’s Pizza franchises.

His parents apparently live in public housing and as you can imagine, aren’t thrilled with the lawsuit.

This case is certainly as nominee for most frivolous lawsuit of the year. It makes a great headline, but gives the legal system a bad (worse) name. The silver lining is that he’s representing himself. I would have cringed if some attorney agreed to file the case on Bernard’s behalf.

Illinois actually has some laws on the books that prevent children from suing their parents. I don’t know if you are barred from suing for bad parenting, but for example, if you are a passenger in a car driven by a parent and you get hurt, you can’t sue your parents for negligence.

I’m sure this lawsuit will get thrown out pretty quickly and Bernard even said that he’d consider dropping it if his family went to dinner with him. The Judge could probably fine Bernard for wasting the time of the court, although a better punishment might be actually making him have to eat Domino’s pizza.


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