Don’t expect the Government to help (your legal case)

Don’t expect the Government to help (your legal case)

Must be something in the water lately, because I’ve heard the following in the last month when I told people that I couldn’t help them find a lawyer:

“I think I’ll try to reach President Obama. He can probably help me with this.” – Says lady who isn’t happy with how her workers’ compensation case is going.

“I’m pretty well connected, I’m going to take this issue to the City Council.” – Says the man who isn’t happy about the pension payments his wife is receiving from her ex who was a union plumber.

“Do you think that if I called Mayor Emanuel he’d be able to help?” – Says the man who feels that he was unfairly fired from a Jewel Food Store.

“I bet you President Obama can do something about it, I’ll write him a letter.” – Says the woman who wants to get her drivers license reinstated.

I’ve heard versions of this throughout the years. There is nothing an elected official can do for most generic legal matters. Sure your alderman can help on some local issues, but they (nor the Mayor or Governor or your Senators) have any ability to get you out of a criminal charge if you arrested or make your ex wife let you see your kids as much as you want to.

Perhaps your US rep or one of our two Senators can help you out if you are having a passport issue or your child was abducted overseas or you have an issue with the VA, but they aren’t going to do you any good when your boss doesn’t give you the vacation pay you think you deserve or your neighbor plays their music too loud.

I think most of the seven people that are reading this already know that the Government doesn’t help with private legal matters, but maybe not. It’s shocking to me though how often I hear this type of comment. It probably happens once a week.

I love to help people and always try to point someone in the right direction if I can. But looking to your elected leaders is almost always the wrong idea.

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