Some criminals are just stupid

Some criminals are just stupid

Here is an e-mail I got from a buddy of mine.

 Dropped off my car at the “super” service dealership last Monday morning. Took a whole week for what was not a very complicated fix. They gave me a loaner. I believe the work should have been covered by warranty, they charged me $800

Finally picked up my car last night and they filled up the tank as a courtesy for “extended” drive time to test the fix. Rep stated that was only 15 minutes though.

I get in the car and someone has obviously discovered my Foo Fighters set list and a crazy satellite station on the radio. As I’m rolling out of the dealer I also spot a sticker from our favorite arena in Rosemont affixed to the outside front windshield. Coincidentally, there was an event there this weekend.

So I checked the I-Pass records from last week. Total charges of $30 dollars and it appears to have only spent one night at the dealership from what I can tell.

Obvious concerns about where the car has been, what crime spree it may have been involved with, who they bought drugs from in the car, who they may have run off the road, etc. Total privacy concerns and who might be looking for me now.

I was in a hurry to pick up the kids and only returned to the dealer briefly to inform the rep last night that I would speak to him today about this. I’m interested in hearing their response but I’m also considering contacting the police. Someone has obviously had a good time on my dime, my extended warranty miles, my I-Pass, and they charged me $800 to do it.

My current thoughts are to simply ask for an explanation and not offer any insight as to the extent of what other supporting information I have – I-Pass, GPS on the car, plus it’s Lojack equipped (not active though). They may quickly realize the extent of their problem and offer to correct this situation.

Pretty bold and stupid. Reminds me of the guys that took Cameron’s car for a joy ride in Ferris Bueller.

I told my friend to call the police because if he doesn’t report the car as stolen, he’d be responsible for anything that happened with the car during that time. I assume the dealer doesn’t want the bad publicity and will be smart enough to give him a refund as otherwise he’d have a fun little lawsuit on his hands. It probably wouldn’t be worth a ton, but it sure would be entertaining.

Too bad there isn’t a video camera in the car because it would be interesting to see what they did with it during this week, how fast they drove, how inebriated they were and what lewd acts were performed in it. On second thought, I’m thankful that there isn’t a camera in there.

UPDATE:  My friend just e-mailed me again.  The dealership offered him a full refund, although they refuse to acknowledge what their employees did.  The cop my friend talked to found the whole thing to be hilarious and is opening up an investigation.

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