Jesse Jackson Jr. is smart

Jesse Jackson Jr. is smart







Ok, that photo of Rick Santorum has nothing to do with anything other than I found it while looking for a JJJR photo and it’s hilarious. Yes, I’m a 12 year old boy in a 41 year old man’s body.

Jesse Jackson Jr. worked out a plea deal on Friday for violating Federal campaign finance laws. And for that he’s a smart man despite all of his other apparent shortcomings.

When you are under a Federal investigation, it’s very common for the Department of Justice to notify you that you are being investigated and to give you a chance to cooperate and work something out before you are formally charged. This happened with Rod Blagojevich and he didn’t take advantage of it. Now he’s spending the next 10+ years behind bars. Great hair, but no brains underneath it for Blago.

If you cooperate with the Feds (and you should only do this through an experienced Federal criminal defense lawyer), they will typically work out a plea deal with you. This doesn’t guarantee anything, but almost always means that your punishment will be less than if you are formally charged and convicted at trial.

Under Federal sentencing guidelines, you get credit for cooperation and honesty when it comes to determining what your sentence will be. In addition, when you work out a deal ahead of time, you can limit what you are actually being charged with which reduces some of the sentence possibilities.

Of course you don’t do this if you are innocent, but you can have your lawyer talk to them ahead of time and try to avoid charges altogether. That worked for Lance Armstrong until he fesses up.

I read one writer who speculate that JJ Jr. was getting special treatment because of his connections. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Hopefully you are never under Federal investigation for a white collar crime, but if you were the same thing would happen to you. It’s often why reports of these investigations go on for years.

Don’t be surprised if Jesse does little to no jail time from this. If that happens it won’t be for any other reason other than that he played the game the right way.

Now hopefully the Feds can get his scumbag father.


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  • I really hope they go after his POS father. Every time I see him sticking his face in front of a camera during the latest tragedy I want to vomit; not sure why the media always has to obtain his idiotic opinion. I do love how John Kass portrays him in his columns; it always makes for some fine reading material.

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