I bet Donald Trump $500 million he will lose his lawsuit against Bill Maher

I bet Donald Trump $500 million he will lose his lawsuit against Bill Maher

Well, I don’t have that much, so I’ll give him $50 and he can give me $500 million if he loses.

The silver spooned blowhard is suing Bill Maher because the comedian, clearly in jest, said on the Jay Leno show that he’d give Trump $5 million for charity if he can prove that he is not the spawn of an orangutan.

Maher was clearly making light of Trump’s ridiculous comments in which he offered to donate millions to an Obama charity if he would produce his college transcripts and passport application.

So Maher, in a clear parody, went on the Tonight Show and made his offer. Trump called his bluff, sent a copy of his birth certificate and asked for the millions.

Sending the birth certificate and calling Maher’s bluff is funny. Suing is just frivolous in my opinion and a waste of the court’s time.

Under contract law, if you make an offer and I accept while providing something of value back, we have a contract. But it has to be a legitimate offer. In other words, if I say I’ll give you $50 to mow my lawn and show you where my house is, that’s a contract if you say you’ll do it and actually do the work before I take the offer away.

On the flip side, if I tell you that I’ll give you a million dollars if you eat the booger on your finger or say something like “I’d pay you a thousand bucks if you’d just shut up,” there is clearly no legitimate offer so there can’t be any acceptance. Both sides have to objectively be interested in truly entering in to a contract.

This is one reason why we require written contracts in many situations. When you put pen to paper, it objectively shows your intent. You can’t say you were just kidding. But when it’s verbal, at times it’s not clear what you meant. But in this case it’s plainly a joke by Maher that was mocking the original offer that Trump made to Obama. Maybe Maher went over the line because he brought Trump’s parents in to the joke, but bad form isn’t the basis of a lawsuit.

So Mr. Trump, since you are in to challenges, please accept mine. If you need to be goaded in to a lawsuit, let me say that Trump Tower sucks and is an eyesore on the skyline and also your casino in Indiana is disgusting.


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