Man sues wife over ugly baby

Man sues wife over ugly baby

What’s worse than a man suing his wife because she gave birth to an “ugly” baby? The fact that he won.

This case took place in China. The guy married an attractive woman, without knowing that she had undergone significant plastic surgery before they met. When their daughter was born, the baby looked nothing like what he expected her to look like. At first he was certain the baby wasn’t his, and then his wife told him the truth. That the baby did look like her, just not the current version of her.

A divorce and lawsuit followed. He was suing her for deceiving him, and a Chinese judge agreed. The man won the equivalent of $120,000.

This is a great example of what the legal system should not be used for, and although it probably wouldn’t be a successful case in a U.S. court, there have been some crazy ones. I’m not sure whether this guy had to prove his damages, meaning that he had to show the court how this deception had harmed him. He was obviously upset, but I don’t see how that translates into $120k.

If you could sue your spouse for not being upfront with you about everything in your past, we could all sue for something. It’s not like this woman’s deception was about a life and death issue. I’m not sure where the line is between a crazy lawsuit and one where there’s a valid claim of deception in this type of thing. There’s a gray area. But I’m certain that suing your wife because your baby is less attractive than you had hoped is on the crazy side.

I just hope this poor guy puts his winnings toward a good cause, such as paying for all the therapy his daughter is going to need. Maybe that’s wishful thinking. He’ll probably offer to buy her some plastic surgery instead. 

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