Last minute Halloween costume ideas, scary lawyers

Last minute Halloween costume ideas, scary lawyers

Halloween is days away.  If you can’t think of a costume, why don’t you dress as a scary attorney.  Here are the scariest ones I know of:

Cheesy billboard guy:

There is no rule against outdoor advertising for lawyers and they certainly don’t offer a marketing class in law school, but these guys that go after the low hanging fruit really give me the creeps.

“Father’s rights” lawyer:

These attorneys are scary because most of the ones I come across use this term to prey on the fears of Dads that are really interested in being a part of their kids lives and before they know it they have a huge legal bill with not much to show for it.

The jack of all trades attorney

These attorneys might be helpful if you live in a small town, but in a place like Chicago when a lawyer specializes in everything, there’s a better choice out there for you.

Lying press conference lawyer

I don’t find many actions more cringe worthy then when some fake tough guy lawyer calls a press conference and yells and screams about how their client was wronged and they are suing for $100 million.  Riiiight.  Just do your job like a professional, not like a host of a sports talk call in show.  Not impressed that you can talk loud and make up what you are going to do.

Terrible customer service law firm

Your phone calls don’t get returned.  The lawyer yells at you and puts you down.  No updates on what’s happening with your case.  Frightening.


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