Guaranteed way to stop a fraud from happening to you

Guaranteed way to stop a fraud from happening to you

So last week, a Skokie man, Tahir Malik, was arrested for a 2nd time for impersonating an attorney.  Basically he tells people that he’s a lawyer and offers to help them out.  In this case he allegedly asked for $1,400 in cash to handle some traffic tickets.

Tahir has spent some time in jail for doing this previously.  Impersonating a lawyer is a felony and it’s a crime in order to protect the public from being scammed.  Tahir hasn’t learned his lesson.  But there is a guarantee way to make sure that you never hire someone who isn’t an attorney.

Go to and type in the name of an attorney.  If it doesn’t pop up then they aren’t a lawyer.

Beyond that, you can find out if the attorney has any disciplinary problems from unethical activity, how long they have been licensed in Illinois, their address, phone and whether or not they carry legal malpractice insurance.

I’d venture to guess that Tahir is a one of a kind criminal and I’ve never heard of anyone so brazen to try this after spending time in jail, but it doesn’t hurt to check out a lawyer before you give them cash or put your life in their hands.  It’s free and it takes less than one minute. 

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