The best Illinois legal advice I can give

The best Illinois legal advice I can give










Lawyers only make money by taking on cases.  But good ones only tell the truth.  And the truth is that if you can avoid hiring an attorney that is best for you.  That is not possible on some situations like a divorce, criminal case or major injury matter, but many other times you don’t need a lawyer at all (e.g. a minor speeding ticket) or shouldn’t get one at all.

I thought of this recently when I was contacted by a woman who was mad that her car was towed to a neighboring block by the Gas Company.  They were doing work on her street and either she didn’t see the signs that said no parking or they didn’t put them up.

Either way, there were no towing charges and she knows where her car is.  Also her car appears to be fine.  Something could have happened to it, but it didn’t.

My advice to her was to let it go and not sweat the small stuff.  In Chicago life can make you crazy all the time.  Traffic, smokers on the street, rude people, delays on the CTA, etc.  I once got a parking ticket in the mail at a time when I didn’t even own a car.  All of this can make you nuts and want to take action.

But the reality is that if you take the emotion out of situations like this, you will realize that getting a lawyer would be a waste of your time and money.  It’s hard not to let things in life bother you, but I can honestly say that when I learned to let things go I became the happiest I’ve ever been in life.

The caller to my office insisted on proceeding and offered me money to do so.  I declined and told her that we couldn’t help her beyond the free advice that I’d given.  She will probably find someone willing to take her money and one day will wake up with bigger regret that she wasted her time along with her cash. 

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  • The best advice anyone can give is to LEAVE Illinois. This is the worst state in the union in practically every category and it cannot get better until total collapse.

  • That's the spirit! Have you taken your own advice yet?

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