How Sprint is screwing people in Joliet

How Sprint is screwing people in Joliet

So in the last month I’ve received five phone calls from people in Joliet (technically one was in Plainfield) that all had the same complaint.  They all have cellular phone coverage with Sprint and they all can’t get their phones to work at most hours of the day.

They’ve called Sprint they tell me and have complained, but nothing gets done to fix the problem.  Allegedly a new tower was put in to place to help with dropped calls, but from what you can research on line combined with the calls that I have received, the problems still exist.

So essentially these people are paying for a service that they are not getting.  It’s likely thousands that are getting affected in the same way.  It sounds like the making of a great class action lawsuit.  But unfortunately that is not an option.

The reason this isn’t a class action case is because Sprint and almost every other phone company inserts an arbitration clause in to their customer contracts that states that if there are any disputes it has to be handled individually via arbitration.  You can’t sue.

So if 20,000 people have the same problem, they’d need to file 20,000 separate cases.  Sprint knows that will never happen and lucky for them because if it did, they’d be screwed.  But the reality is that most people will be angry and do nothing and since they don’t have the benefit of a class action to solve their problem, their problems will continue.

Of course nobody reads these contracts or becomes aware of these clauses until it’s too late.  So if this is happening to you, you can pay a lawyer by the hour out of principle and hope that Sprint fixes their problems.  You can (and should) complain to your Congressman and State reps and hope that they do something about it.  Or you can do nothing and hope that one day it will get better or that your contract will end and you can go with a different company. 

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  • I am having the same problem and I live in Lynwood. This is horrible that Sprint is putting their customers through this. I have my phone for business purposes and there is nothing worse than having to call them back 5 times within the conversation or not receive the call at all. I am seriously considering not renewing my contract. I've called several times to complain and nothing major has been done to fix the problem. If it was on the reverse and as a customer I stated that I am getting a new job and cant pay the bill they would shut off the service with no hesitation. This issue has been going on for months now and there is simply nothing the customer can do but complain. Great article!

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