Clowns are trying to put Drew Peterson in jail

Clowns are trying to put Drew Peterson in jail












I believe that Drew Peterson killed at least one of his wives, probably two of them.  I have no direct evidence of this of course, but like you I have life experiences that certainly make me assume he’s a murderer and his bizarre behavior has done nothing to change that opinion.

That said, from what I’ve read about the trial and the evidence that has been presented, if jurors truly go by “beyond a reasonable doubt,” I don’t see how he could be found guilty in court.  Everything I’ve seen is just inference that Drew did something, but so far there has been no direct physical evidence or witness testimony that ties him to the crime scene.  You can know in your heart that the guy is a creep and scumbag, but I don’t see 12 people finding him guilty of murder because he appears to have been abusive to his 3rd wife.

Beyond that, it appears that Bozo, Crusty and the rest of the clown prosecutors are trying to make a difficult case even harder and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mistrial ordered today.  Yesterday, for the 3rd time in the trial, a prosecutor ignored an instruction from the Judge and asked a question in front of the jury that they were told not to ask.  The most recent screw up was bringing up an order of protection that wife #3 never sought, but apparently mentioned to a cop.  It was the one item that the prosecutor was told not to bring up and she did.

As a result the defense motioned for a mis-trial which would, if successful, end the current case.  It would be up to the Judge to let the State start over at a different date or bar them from bringing the case ever again.  The prosecutor who messed up fell on her sword and basically said that she forgot to cross a question out in her notes that related to the order of protection.

I have had my own awful moments in court, but I’ve never tried to put away a murderer.  With such a high profile case I would have expected the best, brightest and most organized Will County prosecutors to be running this case.  Instead it appears like we are watching clown college and it looks like they’ve blown the case.

UPDATE: Defense lawyers withdrew the motion for mistrial this morning.  Joe Lopez is one of the attorneys and he is very seasoned and respected.  My guess is that he believes that with the way the case is going, the prosecution hasn't done enough to get a conviction so he'd rather fight the case now than have to do it again a year from now when it's possible new evidence could come forward.  Other possibility is that whoever is paying Drew's defense team (none of these guys are cheap) is running out of money and can't afford them for a second trial.   We saw that happen to Blago after his first trial. 

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  • I live in Will County and this is no doubt a circus. And I'm no lawyer but this case has been tried badly both by the prosecution and the defense. It needs to get thrown out and start again with new counsel, judge and jury. I just don't want to be on that jury.

  • Good point on the defense too, although you'll notice that Brodsky, who did a lot of unusual things in the media before the case started hasn't actually been handling much of the heavy work in this trial. Instead some very seasoned defense lawyers have been asking the questions and making the trial motions.

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