The Real March Madness Is About To Begin

The Real March Madness Is About To Begin

Everyone loves March Madness.  But you know who loves it more than anyone?  Divorce lawyers.

The reason divorce lawyers love March is because most people are going to get their tax refunds soon.  While some people use this money for a new TV or to pay off their credit card debt, there are thousands who will be using that refund money to hire a divorce lawyer.

There really isn’t any legal issue more predictable than this.  Around the holidays many people decide that they are going to make this change in their life and around this time of year the filings go crazy.  In the 11 years I’ve been helping people find the right Illinois attorney for their case, by far March is my biggest month for family law referrals.

It’s already started and last Thursday I had seven calls in a row that were all looking for divorce attorney recommendations.  And unlike other times of the year, these callers already knew what the cost would be and were raring to go.

Cook County has 50+ Judges that handle family law cases so it’s not as if this big influx of cases prevents anyone from having their day in court.  But it is comical, to me at least, and I certainly know many family law attorneys who miss out on the basketball games (as well as spring break trips) because they are up to their ears with new clients.

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  • So there's a wedding march and a divorce March.

  • Good one.

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