The Most Sensible Argument For Gay Marriage

Yesterday, an appeals court in California over-turned a voter approved ban on same sex marriage.  I have always been pro gay marriage, but could never articulate the reasons why like Newark Mayor Cory Booker.  So instead of me posting my thoughts, please watch this video. 

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  • Thanks for posting this Mike. I've always been impressed with the clear and yet powerful way Mayor Booker frames and conveys his positions. I don't intend to shamelessly self-promote here-but I made a similar argument to Mayor Booker just today on my blog:

    If you read that...I owe you .00001 cent thanks to adsense.

    Take care man

  • Thanks. And I enjoyed your post too. Keep the change.

  • Sure makes sense for divorce lawyers. Why should straight people be the only ones to lose a better part of their savings to the divorce proceeding?

  • somebody put this on repeat to mr. santorum...i got as worked up as mayor booker did while watching it, and i get angry thinking about the simplistic retorts that santorum throws around like, "what about a man and a dog?"

    thanks for posting this

  • I agree. I can't believe that my parents lived in a time when blacks and whites had separate bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. I think our children or grandchildren are going to look at this issue with the same shame.

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