Most Lawsuits Aren’t Frivolous, But Some Calls Are

Most Lawsuits Aren’t Frivolous, But Some Calls Are

Despite what the media tells you, most lawsuits are based in a legitimate belief that something is wrong.  The case may not be a winner, but I’ve never met a lawyer that will knowingly bring a b.s. lawsuit.  And if they bring a case that turns out to be something other than what they thought it would be, they will drop the case.

That said, we get calls all of the time from people that hope to have a situation that is frivolous.  Some of these callers are hoping to make a quick buck, others are desperate, most are just naïve.  With that in mind, here are the 10 calls I’ve received that I feel are the most frivolous:

  1. A woman called us looking to sue a mustard company because the regular mustard she bought from them tasted too spicy.
  2. We had a man in  his 20’s e-mail us who wanted to sue his high school for not disciplining him enough when he was in school.  He apparently didn’t like that he now can’t get a job.
  3. Over the years I’ve have at least 40 contacts from people who noticed a bone in their food at a place like KFC or another fast food restaurant.  Nothing happened to them, but it “could” have.  Other than a refund they are owed nothing.
  4. A guy was pulled over by the police and insisted he was going only 22 over, not 29 over like the cop said.  He felt that the additional allegation was causing him some serious emotional trauma and distress and wanted to sue the officer.  I asked what he was doing to treat this stress and of course the answer was nothing.
  5. One woman had the same name as a celebrity.  She didn’t like how the celebrity portrayed herself and wanted to sue to stop the celebrity from using their name.
  6. In the spirit of trying to make a case by outsmarting the system, we once were called by someone who wanted to sue the Dollar Store because the items were more than $1 when the sales tax was applied.
  7. A woman wanted to sue Jack Daniels because she didn’t realize how drunk it would make her.  She put down a bottle at a tailgate, ripped off her clothes and ran around naked.  She was really embarrassed by what she did as co-workers were present.  She wants to sue because she feels there should be a warning on the bottle like on cigarette packages.
  8. Lots of kids want to sue their parents for how awful they are/were to them, but one standout was hoping to sue because she wasn’t taught proper hygiene which led to many problems, the worst of which was terrible teeth.
  9. One man wanted to sue the United States Post Office because they closed on Sundays.  He felt he was being discriminated against because his religion doesn’t allow work on Saturdays.  He wasn’t an employee of the USPS, but still felt that it was wrong.
  10. Finally, not to pile on the guy, but one deranged Cubs fan wanted to sue Steve Bartman for interfering with the foul ball that he touched when the Cubs were five outs from the World Series.  He had World Series tickets and said that play cost him thousands he could have made in scalping the tix.  While I normally tell people how ridiculous they are, since I was at this game I told the caller that I had a conflict of interest as I was a witness.

Fortunately most of these calls are few and far between.  But people do make these calls.  Fortunately they don’t find lawyers to take them on as clients. 

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