Don’t Sweat So Much

Don’t Sweat So Much

Do you know what’s better than finding the best lawyer for your legal situation?  Not needing a lawyer at all.  But many people are so focused on getting justice that they lose sight of just moving on and living a happy life.

Recently I had a caller that was apparently wrongly ticketed in the burbs for rolling a stop sign.  They had the option to just pay the ticket (about $100 fine) or fight it in court.  The caller had so many questions about whether or not he should get a lawyer (I told him that an attorney would cost more than the ticket) or how he could fight the case himself.   He wanted to videotape the area where he got the ticket and measure how far the stop sign was from where the officer was sitting.  He had other elaborate ideas and was researching case law.

The caller wanted my opinion on what to do.  I told him that he’s living an over-examined life and while he may be facing an injustice, it wasn’t going to cause his insurance to go up.  I also pointed out that his time has to be worth way more than this and that in reality he was just sweating the small stuff in life.

I’m sure that writing the check to pay for this fine won’t be fun, but once that’s done with, it’s over and you can move on with your life instead of focusing on something so negative.

I once got a City of Chicago parking ticket in the mail at a time I didn’t own a car on a street that I had never heard of.  I called up to protest and was told that I did it too late.  I was welcome to file a claim at the Circuit Court of Cook County, but the filing fees were more than the ticket.  So I paid whatever the fine was and chalked it up to life in the City.  Looking back on this 10 years later, it still feels unjust, but who really cares.

There are of course many times when getting a lawyer isn’t just a good idea, but also your only option.  But as someone who has run an Illinois attorney referral service for 11 years I can tell you that the only thing better than telling a caller that I know the perfect law firm for them is telling them that they really don’t need one at all.

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  • I agree with time vs. money point. I live in the Milwaukee, WI area and this weekend I received a $100 ticket in the mail from the City of Chicago. Apparently while I was in Chicago during the holiday season, I didn't come to a complete stop before I turned right on a red light. I was appalled but I am also paying it by the March 1st due date because fighting it not worth my time.

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