20 Things I Want For Christmas (part 2)

20 Things I Want For Christmas (part 2)

On Monday I posted part 1 of my list of what I’d like this holiday season.  Here is part 2.

  1. I’d like a pill that I can give to people that helps them realize that no matter how awful their lawyer is, they were not bought off by your opponent.  It doesn’t happen.  They may be terrible at their job, but it’s not because someone is paying them to blow it for you.
  2. Can we ban telemarketing to business lines?  I get a couple of robo calls a day as well as a couple of live callers.  Has it ever worked?  Other than entertaining myself when I tell them that I would not like to have more customers, it’s a real annoyance.
  3. Please re-name “Horrible Bosses” and call it “Horrible Movie.”  I want my money back.
  4. Someone please ask Tim Tebow why God likes him more than players on other teams.  Sunday was ridiculous.
  5. Will someone please introduce me to the real #1 realtor in Chicago?  Because as far as I can tell, there are about 200 of them claiming to be so.  I’d probably hire the person who was honest enough to call themselves the #427th realtor in Chicago.
  6. I’m not in favor of public floggings, but I might be swayed when it comes to the idiots that park in handicap spots when they aren’t actually handicapped, but have a sticker for the car they are driving.  It’s so wrong on so many levels.  What part of your brain doesn’t tell you that is an awful thing to do?  I saw someone park in a handicapped spot at my gym a few weeks ago and then run in to the building.  Sigh.
  7. If US companies want to outsource their call centers to foreign countries that is their prerogative.  But please stop insulting our intelligence by having every clearly foreign worker have a name like Steve or Mary or Joe.  I’m guessing they do this to make us more comfortable, but it really makes me uncomfortable.
  8. New law needed.  I’m in favor of harsh DUI penalties, but did you know you can get a DUI in Illinois simply by having the keys to your nearby car in your pocket and being drunk?  It’s ridiculous.  I helped 3 people this year who knew they were too drunk to drive so they went to bed in their car with the engine off.  Cops spotted them and arrested them for DUI.  Ok, one of them was in a White Castle drive through at the time, but you get my point.  It’s a dumb law.
  9. Somebody please explain Twitter to me.  I get it if you have hundreds of thousands of followers or more as to why you’d do it, but what’s the lure of following someone and why do people with 57 followers spend so much time on it?
  10. Above all else. Theo Epstein.  So glad to have you, but please make it happen.




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