Can Someone Explain Gloria Allred To Me?

Can Someone Explain Gloria Allred To Me?

Gloria Allred is a founding partner of an employment law firm in California. But the cases she is known for being involved in – O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, Robert Blake – aren’t employment cases.

So why does Gloria Allred always seem to pop up in these national, high-profile cases? Sometimes she represents a witness, or the family of a victim. Sometimes she just enters the spotlight as a commentator – such as when she publicly expressed concern about the safety of Michael Jackson’s children.   Other times it’s just strange like when she’s hanging out with the mistresses of Tiger Woods.

I was thinking about this last week when the Chicago woman spoke out and claimed she was sexually harassed by Herman Cain.  Gloria Allred was standing next to her.  There was no lawsuit, and they weren’t in L.A.   For some reason she took the press conference to New York City (where it was hilariously hijacked by the Howard Stern Show).  So what was Allred doing there? It just doesn’t make sense for a Chicago woman to hire a high profile L.A. attorney.

Gloria Allred may be an excellent attorney.  Who knows? She certainly appears to be excellent at PR. She touts herself as a crusader for the rights of women and minorities. Is that really all this is? Does she actually do what she does to further her cause?  She’s a lawyer and certainly she’s in this to make money, but there’s no lawsuit to be had here.

I’m just trying to figure her out. She obviously works hard. Maybe she’s making a ton of money on all this. But if so, who is paying her?  Maybe she gets speaking fees for her clients and takes a cut.  I really have no idea.

The first line on her personal website reads “Gloria Allred is the most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today.” Maybe her agenda is as simple as that.  But to me, she is the female Jesse Jackson.  She pops up any time there is controversy and her mere presence makes a lot of people ill.

If you can explain her beyond this please let me know.  I really just don’t get it. 

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  • I laughed out loud when I read your headline because I've often wondered the same thing! I heard this once said about another publicity seeking pseudo leader and I think it applies to Ms. Allred: "If someone pulls out a camera, will Gloria Allred show up?

  • My sentiments exactly. She's like an ambulance chaser - except it's women, many of whom don't even need representation. I think she must put them on a contingency - if you get a book/movie out of this I'm in it for 25%.

  • Ambulance chaser is a good analogy.

  • Glad that someone raised questions about GA. However, i am not sure comparing her to ambulance chasers is appropriate since even they have an obvious purpose and motive. It is hard to tell what Allred's purpose is or what she is trying to accomplish. She is an enigma although some might leave the "g" out of that word.

  • The Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton analogies are spot on.

    The Rev.'s and GA all seem to prey on, exploit, marginalize and in most cases sell out or bastardize the groups they claim to "champion". Their mere presence automatically de-values the actual issues they stick their nose in.

    Personal Injury lawyers as a group are generally ethical people who advocate for their clients, not for themselves. Contingency fees are an absolute necessity to insure access to the system. I am so sick of all the blanket generalizations and idiotic stereotypes (although they are warranted in some cases). Everyone loves to bash PI guys until they need one.

  • In reply to PeterNo:

    I love personal injury lawyers. I think we are tongue in cheek referring to the guys that show up in the hospital uninvited. Unfortunately those guys are out there.

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    In reply to PeterNo:

    All it takes is a little read-up on Jesse Jackson on Wikipedia to completely discredit your Republican meme that Jesse Jackson preys on black people. He marched with Martin Luther King at Selma when you were a glint in your father's eye. He has been an envoy for presidents in obtaining the release of prisoners overseas and has been an integral leader in movements seeking business opportunities. I'd say you have a problem with black civil rights. Ditto for Gloria Allred. She has represented transgender people and others seeking rights in many cases, won entry for women into the all-male Friar's Club in Los Angeles, forced Bob Packwood, a Senator women were accusing of molestation, to resign, and successfully represented Melrose Place actress Hunter Tylo when producer Aaron Spelling fired her because she was pregnant. That case established an important precedent for the rights of actors to continue work if they become pregnant. I think I can safely say either Jackson or Allbrand's accomplishments dwarf yours. You just don't like their politics.

  • I realize that last post was a little over-sensitive, but I guess you are right about GA, everything she touches (or in this case is compared to) has her unsavory stench on it. I made the assumption that OP was stating that all PI attorneys are ambulance chasers which was most likely unfounded.

    I have no personal ties to PI law or anything, just hate the perpetual flogging they get from the public.

  • I contacted her office in the early 1980's, to handle my divorce case and she would not accept it as I was male.

  • She's the Kim Kardashian of lawyers, never misses an opportunity to get in front of a camera.

  • In reply to Fred:

    That's a good one too. Not sure which one is more annoying.

  • Any time I see someone standing next to Gloria, they lose all credibility with me.

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