Why Should I Care About Amanda Knox?

Why Should I Care About Amanda Knox?

In case you missed it, Amanda Knox was acquitted of murder, in a case that has gone on for nearly four years. Knox was an American college student who had been studying in Italy when her roommate was brutally murdered. Knox and her boyfriend were accused and convicted of the murder, and faced decades more in prison in Italy.

But Monday an appeals court overturned the conviction, and Amanda Knox was allowed to leave prison, and leave Italy. Great news for her, but the questions is, why is this such big news across this country and others? Why should we care and are we so personally invested in the outcome of this case?

Many say that the story got our attention because of the media’s fixation on Amanda Knox’s good looks. Apparently the nickname of “Foxy Knoxy” was one that seemed to stick. But throughout the course of the trial and appeals, her public image ranged from “Foxy” to “Satanic.” Was her case given so much attention because she was an American being tried for murder in another country? After all, it is certainly not unusual for prisoners to proclaim that they are innocent, as she did. Why is she different?

We cannot know for sure whether she is completely innocent of any wrongdoing in the events of that night and what followed. We do know there appeared to be some evidence against her, but there was also evidence that was thrown out that originally implicated her.

So while it may be true that her “story” seemed to interest the public, there must be something more. Perhaps we are drawn to the fact that she seems to represent anyone’s daughter, sister, or friend, who embarked on an experience that turned into a nightmare. Somehow she became a sympathetic figure to some while Casey Anthony became the most hated person in the world.

If she was an ugly or fat woman, would this have been news? How about if she was African-American or Asian-American? Would anyone have cared? Would this case have registered more than a blip on your radar screen just like the hundreds of murder cases every year in Chicago that no one talks about?

The media in general makes me ill and the coverage of this case is no exception. Hopefully she is innocent, but even if she is, that doesn’t explain why I should care about her over those in our backyard?

UPDATE: And to make my perception of how this is being covered worse, check out which disgustingly shows the media preparing a story with b.s. quotes from prosecutors and then accidentally publishing this fake story which said she was found guilty and on suicide watch. Absolutely pathetic. 

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  • +1. Exactly how I feel-thank you for putting it better than I could have.

  • Amen. And the fake news story is indeed pathetic.

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