Joe Walsh Is Shameless

Joe Walsh Is Shameless

No, I'm not talking about the former member of the Eagles.

A reader sent me a Suntimes story from last week in which Congressman Joe Walsh is trying to get out of his child support obligation because he claims to have had a verbal agreement with his ex not to pay.  My reader was in a similar situation and lost their claim.  They wanted to know if they had been burned.

Good news, bad news for my reader.  The good news is that they we weren't burned.  The bad news is that they didn't put their agreement in writing and get it approved by a Judge so they were out of luck.

Joe Walsh should be out of luck and for a lawmaker to try to make such a mindless claim on well established law is kind of pathetic.  In family law cases, it's what you enter in to court that matters.  Period.

Walsh goes on in the article to say that he thinks his ex-wife is only doing this because he was elected Congressman.  He found it quite curious that she brought this up a month after the election.  Really?  If she wanted to screw him, she could have brought it up during the election.  He won a very close race and I imagine that if voters knew he was a dead beat dad, many would have changed their vote, probably enough to sway the final vote.

Of course Walsh is up for re-election next year and has a pretty good gig going.   He doesn't want this to hurt him so he's painting the ex as the bad guy.  Never mind that he failed to follow the law.  Guess that makes him perfectly qualified to be a lawmaker. 

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  • This is why democrats in Washington are cowards. Anthony Weiner lost his job for sending pictures but this guy keep his job??

  • I agree with you Evan. Imagine if Nancy Pelosi was the dead beat. Dems are wimps.

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    You just hate saying "oral agreement." That's what it was.
    Pertaining to language or the use of words in general (be it spoken or written) as opposed to non-verbal expression, or to spoken words in particular (although, this is usually a common misuse where "oral" is the correct term, e.g. "oral" v. "written" contract -- rather than "verbal" v. "written"). Examples:

  • Maybe she went after him when she finally knew where he worked and had an actual income, rather than living high on the hog off his campaign funds. I bet his kids really admire him, maybe not to the degree of the blue collar, racist tea party whackos, but I'm sure they think he's really special.

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