How To Scare A Lawyer On Halloween

How To Scare A Lawyer On Halloween

Happy Halloween! In honor of this greatest of holidays, here are 3 ways to scare off a lawyer from taking on your case.

1. If you get in an accident and before you get medical treatment, you are calling a lawyer to see what you should do. Some people do this because they don't know any better, but many others aren't really injured and are hoping that a lawyer can make the case. Not for every attorney, but for many this is just slimy and comes off as overly litigous. If you are hurt in an accident, head to the doctor and call a lawyer when you are don.

2. Tell them how you reported your last attorney to the ARDC (Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission). I'm a hypocrite on this one because I encourage people to report bad lawyers, but if a client is bragging about it, it will come off as almost a threat and certainly a red flag. Unless your case is amazing, most attorneys will assume your problem is not worth the risk.

3. Require that your mom, dad, brother, cousin, neighbor, girlfriend, college roommate and pastor sit in on the interview before you make your hiring decision. You can bring whoever you want, but the more that show up and want a voice, the crazier you appear. If your case isn't stellar, many good attorneys won't bother. Having one person come with you is normal. Two is probably ok. Ten makes you appear crazy. 

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