Before They Were Stars

Before They Were Stars

I was listening to an interview the other day of the handsome Gerard Butler. It turns out that before he became an actor and a sex symbol, he was a lawyer. Who knew. Here is a list of others I've found that either started law school and quit or actually finished.

Geraldo Rivera


Franz Kafka

John Grisham

John Cleese

Tony LaRussa (although he sucks)

One of the Larry, Darryl and other brother Darryl dudes from Newhart

Greg Giraldo (would have loved to see him in court)

Jay Bilas

Demetri Martin

Nelson Mandella

Fidel Castro (would have made a "great" Judge)

Ben Stein

Mario Cuomo

Steve Young

Howard Cosell

The founders of Zagat

Former Bear Alan Page who is now a MN Supreme Court Justice

Lindsay Lohan (oh wait, she just spends more time in court than most lawyers)

Former Bear Bob Thomas who is an IL Supreme Court Justice

Branch Rickey

Michelle Obama (along with Hilary Clinton, the wife of Tony Blair and wife of the President of Mexico)

26 Presidents

Jerry Springer

Tim Russert

Cris Collinsworth

Pat Robertson

Ann Coulter (just threw up in my mouth)

Andrea Bocelli

Bill Gates Sr.

Bill Kurtis

WWE wrestler David Otunga

NFL Ref Ed Hochuli

Former Ms. Illinois & America, Erika Harold

Jerry Reinsdorf

J. Edgar Hoover

Rick Neuheisel

The founder of California Pizza Kitchen

The founder of Costco

Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller

The inventor of the ice cream sandwich

and last, but not least, the (hopefully) future GM of the Cubs, current Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. 

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  • How about Billy Dec?

  • It wasn't a post about wanna-be celebrities . . .

    That said, he and the others are a great example that a law degree can help you accomplish many things and is certainly a nice foundation for trying other things. I don't think it's a stretch to say that the happiest attorneys are those who aren't practicing law, but rather using their degree in some other way. I don't know Dec, but I imagine he enjoys owning bars more than he would writing wills. And I'm sure the others on my list feel the same way.

  • I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog and your articles on workman's comp law. learned a lot today.

  • Don't think we need you biased comments Just the facts please.

  • In reply to lancejohn:

    Almost everything I write is my biased comments. :)

    If you want more of my bias, tune in next Wednesday when I will have a one hour legal chat at 11 a.m.

  • Don't forget former Chicago Bear Chris Zorich! Notre Dame Law grad ('02, I believe). Not sure what he is doing now, but charity work was always very important to him.

  • In reply to vndygrl24:

    That's a good one! I heard he never passed the bar. Always seemed like a really good dude, although the Tribsters said that his charity went belly up last year. Last I remember he was clerking at a big law firm in the Loop.

  • Speaking of wannabe celebs, harvey Levin is a UofC law grad. Also Jerry Springer

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