Are You A Lawyer Looking For Work?

Are You A Lawyer Looking For Work?

There is an under served area of law crying out for someone to take cases. And people are willing to pay whatever it takes to hire an attorney to help them and can't find anyone. Surprisingly the area of law is traffic.

Why can't anyone find a traffic lawyer. I can refer you a case a day and with a little marketing you will get much more than that. You can charge what you want because no one else will take these cases. The catch is that you have to move to (or near) Pulaski County which is so far south that it borders Kentucky. Basically they are going hard and heavy after anyone that travels on I57 and charging a ton of people with speeding in a construction zone.

I have to assume that the locals get a lot of this money because they are just nailing people. And as far as I can tell, they are getting you as soon as you are just a little over the speed limit. And they are getting you and everyone else as quick as they can write the tickets. On top of that, most people report to me that no construction is going on when they get ticketed.

To make matters worse, these are usually "must appear" tickets so while most of the people ticketed don't live in the area, they are often forced to come back. In the past week we've had callers from Chicago, Minnesota, Arkansas and Texas. The Texas man was told that if he didn't show there would be a warrant for his arrest.

So what's the problem? Why aren't attorneys taking these cases on? Because this place is in the middle of nowhere, no attorneys live around there. As far as I can tell, there are only four in the county (sounds like a dream to some) and three of them work for the Government in some capacity. The other one appears to work out of her house. In other words, while a lawyer can show up for you, good luck finding someone.

So if you are an attorney looking to have a great career, let me know. You'll have more clients than you know what to do with even if your only food choices are likely fast food. 

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