Fly Southwest Much? You Are About To Be Mad

Fly Southwest Much?  You Are About To Be Mad


Other than a few hiccups on notifying customers about flight delays, I've been a big fan of Southwest Airlines.  This past spring they changed their rewards program to a points system from the what it used to be which was flight credits.  I don't like it, but whatever.  It's still better than other airlines and your bags still fly free.  Having to board like cattle is a small price to pay for their good service and relatively cheap fares.

All that said, I recently got a call from someone hoping for a class action suit against Southwest for what they felt was a "scam against their customers."  This caller advised that at the end of the month, if you have drink tickets from their old system, they will expire.

For me, it's not a huge deal; other than my bachelor party many moons ago, I don't think I've ever had more than 1-2 drinks on SWA.  And I'm not a big flight drinker anyway as it gives me a headache.

I told the caller I don't think it's a case because the coupons clearly state they can be canceled at any time.  While Southwest appears to be okay legally, I think they are going to get a ton of backlash about this though for the simple reason that it's been horribly publicized.  I predict that come September and October, their perky flight attendants will be explaining over and over that the old drink tickets are no good and you are going to have to pay for that beer if you want it.

I don't see how this ends well for Southwest as what they'll save in booze will probably not come close to what they'll lose in customer morale.  When they switched their points system, it didn't take anything away.  People love free and won't be thrilled about this.

So if you have any free drinks coming, you better get a flight in over the next week and if you do, make it a long one so you can booze it up till your heart's content. 

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    I think it would be better off if Southwest stopped serving liquor all together. If you can go without a cigarette for three hours, you can certainly go without alcohol for the same amount of time. If your a hardcore alcoholic too bad!

  • In reply to Joel Sandler:

    Why? Alcohol doesn't effect you. Might as well say "I think they should stop letting people named Joel on the plane".

  • In reply to chinorth:

    I'm with Joel. Chinorth, your argument makes no sense (and is childish). And anyway if you actually read the thing, the coupon states it can be cancelled at any time, so there you have it.

  • Not much of a drinker myself but cancelling their free drink tickets is a real bad-ass PR move. It would be better if they just canceled alcohol on their flights all-together.

    Loved your "poster". Felt that way more than once! It's actually faster to travel from Houston to Dallas by car if you figure in the lost time for ATS inspection, bag checking, walking in from the parking lot, waiting for your bags etc. The flight is about an hour. It takes 4 hours to drive the distance (its 200 miles). The differences are all the time spent walking, waiting in the terminal, boarding, ATS inspected etc.

    I fly SWAir probably 4 or 5 times a year, haven't been any worse treated there than on any other airline. As to the cattle-car-in-the-sky as it's often called, the other airlines are just as bad. I'm 5'6" and a very tight fit knees to hips in the Economy section on United, Continental etc.

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