Worse Than The Weather

Usually I write about scumbag lawyer stories I hear, but today I won't be doing that.

Instead I want to share a story about a scumbag doctor.  I'm not going to share his name for the sake of the client that called me, but it's one of the worst things I've ever seen.

The client had been injured in an accident and hired a very reputable attorney.   Her case was going great and  she ended up in the office of a  North Shore orthopedic  doctor.

He diagnosed her problem and told her what she needed medically.  Then he told her that he'd only treat her if she switched lawyers, specifically to the one that he wanted her to work with.

This doc didn't know her attorney and wanted her to switch because he had a referral relationship with the attorney.

That's just a scummy thing to do and has nothing to do with patient care.  It also could cause the case to blow up if this issue came up on the witness stand.

If you find that a doctor (or attorney in Illinois) is doing something on your case that is clearly for their benefit, not yours, run away as fast as you can.  It's pathetic how many people have no problem just blatantly looking out only for themselves. 

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