The Cubs Product Stinks But The Service Is Good

The Cubs are terrible.  That's probably the understatement of the day.  But at least the new regime is getting the service part right.

I took my kids to a game against the Phillies the other day and the vendors were all friendly, the ushers were slapping fives with everyone and because my kids were decked out in Cubs gear they got to go on the field and watch batting practice which for them was a thrill of a lifetime.

But alas, the Cubs blew a 2-0 lead late in the game and lost again.  No shock there nor was it shocking that half the seats were filled with Phillies fans.

In the disaster of a season, it was shocking (or not) to see how much the park lacked a pulse, even in semi exciting situations.  I guess that's what happens when you are heading to the worst record in baseball, even if you are playing the best team and one of the best pitchers.

There's always next year, but I'd certainly trade the good service for a winning team.  But it would nice to have both for once. 

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