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I'm Surprised He's Not Gay

North Suburban Congressman Joe Walsh was in the news today for allegedly being behind more than $100,000 in child support payments, see the article here.  These payments go back years from his first marriage which produced three children. This is the same guy that is becoming famous for his rants against President Obama on the... Read more »

Why No Attorney Will Take Your Case

I often get calls from people that are stunned, just stunned that no attorney will take their case.  I’ve heard that more than ever this summer so I thought I’d come up with a list of reasons you might have trouble getting an attorney. 1. If it’s the type of case where you have to... Read more »

Sometimes I Feel Like A Broken Record

On an average day, I talk to between 60-80 people about various legal situations.   I love my job because every day is different and I never know what the question a caller will have is. A lot of the callers are fascinating, some are crazy (literally, believe cops have implanted a microchip in their head... Read more »

Worse Than The Weather

Usually I write about scumbag lawyer stories I hear, but today I won’t be doing that. Instead I want to share a story about a scumbag doctor.  I’m not going to share his name for the sake of the client that called me, but it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. The client... Read more »

The Cubs Product Stinks But The Service Is Good

The Cubs are terrible.  That’s probably the understatement of the day.  But at least the new regime is getting the service part right. I took my kids to a game against the Phillies the other day and the vendors were all friendly, the ushers were slapping fives with everyone and because my kids were decked... Read more »

The Truth About The McDonalds Coffee Case

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There is a lot of talk in the media and by many politicians about so-called ‘tort reform” as the answer to many of our economic troubles.  If only you could stop everyone from running to the courthouse door every time something minor happens, and if only we could keep juries from awarding huge sums of... Read more »

Potsie and Ralph Malph Are Suing

If the names Potsie, Ralph, and Mr. and Mrs. “C” are still familiar to you, it may not be because you’re feeling sentimental about the those “Happy Days” of the past.  In fact, though the iconic sitcom ended its official run in the mid 80’s, the characters have continued to live on in a vast... Read more »

Illinois Attorney Gets Screwed Over

The other day I posted on legal scams.  This post is a follow up on that one. An Illinois attorney who was paid with a bad check is out of luck, according to the courts. Even though he correctly deposited the check, and the amount showed up in his account, it was only provisional. If... Read more »

How To Lose 235 Pounds In 5 Minutes

Just heard a great line from a caller who was asking me questions about her husband who she believes has been cheating on her.  When I explained how certain things work in family, she screamed out with joy, “I’m going to lose 235 pounds in five minutes as soon as I tell him I’m divorcing... Read more »

Emancipation from Your Parents - What Teens Need to Know

Almost every teenager wants to move out and escape their parents’ control at some point during those crazy teen years. A quick Google search reveals that if you are emancipated from your parents they no longer have control over you and your decisions. To a desperate kid, this sounds pretty good. But legal emancipation –... Read more »