I'm Surprised He's Not Gay

North Suburban Congressman Joe Walsh was in the news today for allegedly being behind more than $100,000 in child support payments, see the article here.  These payments go back years from his first marriage which produced three children.

This is the same guy that is becoming famous for his rants against President Obama on the deficit and his holier than thou statements on fiscal responsibility.

Usually the politicians that live a do as I say, not as I do life are spending their time ranting about gay marriage or family values only to later come up out of the closet themselves or admit that they've been banging hookers on the side.  I guess it's not stunning as Congressman "Pay your bills" was also foreclosed upon before he somehow got elected to office.

Walsh's ex has reportedly asked the court to suspend his driver's license and I say good for her.  He should have that happen as well as lose his passport and if he doesn't start making big dents in to what he owes immediately, he should go to jail too.

Illinois has some really tough laws on the books, but for whatever reason they are not enforced in most cases, certainly not against now high profile deadbeats like Walsh.

Here's hoping the embarrassment of the news articles causes him to do the right thing.  If not you can imagine that he'll hear a lot about it in the next campaign, even if the courts don't enforce the laws and really punish him.

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