Beware Of This Legal Scam

I have to give scammers a lot of credit, they seem to never give up when it comes to their brilliant ideas.  They've certainly become more sophisticated since the days of telling people that a Nigerian Prince left them a ton of money.

The latest scam involves calling random people and telling them that they are about to be arrested for failing to pay back a pay-day type loan.  They will call you and tell you that the authorities are on the way and that the only way out of it is to pay the fine over the phone or by going to Western Union.

These guys are good and because they are so good, they are able to convince a lot of people that they are in trouble.  Most people tell them to f off, but there are some that are gullible and others that have arrest warrants and/or outstanding loans that get scared out of their minds.  They usually hit you for thousands at a time so if they get one person a day then it's good work for them.

These callers are usually out of state so getting the local cops to do anything is impossible and the FBI seems to have bigger fish to fry.  If this happens to you and you are being threatened with an arrest, it's definitely a scam.  Tell them you'll mail a bank check to their address and see if they'll give it to you.  If they will, call the police in their area and let's hope some of these guys go to jail.

And for the lawyers out there, the following is an e-mail I got which is a slightly new take on an old legal scam.  Their premise is to send a bogus check for a retainer, quickly resolve the matter and then ask for a refund right away of money not billed by the lawyer.  By the time you realize you've been written a bad check it's too late.

This is a request for your possible represenatation in a breach of contract
matter, Mr Satoru Sakamoto of Kubota company japan.
I like to know if your schedule will permit you to  handle a case of
breach of contract between us and a customer  in your jurisdiction.
If there are processes new clients are meant to  go through before a case
is accepted please advice, or if you
accept case base on referral I would want to know also.
It is important we hear from you as soon as possible so that we can decide
on what to do.
If you have any questions or concern do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr Satoru Sakamoto
Managing Director
Finance & Accounting Dept
1-2-47 Shikitsu-Higashi
Naniwa-Ku,Osaka 556-8601.Japan 

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  • Yep - these people call about once or twice a month and call my friends too. The last time the guy called (they switched from someone with an Indian accent to a midwestern accent) I asked him for the docket number so I could check Pacer and get a copy of the filed lawsuit at which point he hung up.

    other than being annoying there's really not a huge way to get rid of them. sometimes it's fun to mess with them.

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