What Are The Blago Jurors Waiting For?

Today is day nine of the jury deliberations involving our disgraced former Governor.  And the longer it goes, the better Hot Rod has to feel about his chances of having found at least one sucker, err, juror that will not vote guilty.  And all he needs is one to say no and he is essentially the winner.

So the questions in my mind are:

1. Are there disagreements on all of the counts or just a couple.  If the Feds convict him on even one more count (he's already convicted of lying to the FBI), then it will be many years in jail for Rod.

2. If he walks, is it because the Feds didn't prove the case or did jurors really buy the defense of "I'm just an idiot who talks a lot"?

3. If the jury votes 11-1 in favor of convicting on most counts, does Blago get tried a 3rd time?  It might not be popular, but the Feds aren't interested in PR moves.  So if it's that close to a conviction, the smart money is on them going after him again.  But I have no idea what they could do differently as it seems as if the case was laid out pretty clearly this time.

If Blago gets off, it will be shocking to me.  It didn't get much publicity, but two of Blago's attorneys were studying for the bar exam just three years ago.  Sure they weren't the main players in his defense, but they got to cross examine some witnesses in the trial.  That is just unheard of and was reflected in the constant admonishments from the Judge in this case.  Blago's two main attorneys seem very competent, but it's not as if they are rock stars of the criminal defense world either, especially compared to the lawyers in the first trial.

So jurors, I know you can't by law read this so hopefully telepathically you'll get the message.  What are you waiting for?  We want the verdict. 

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  • I can't believe they are still deliberating! I would be absolutely surprised if its not a guilty verdict but they are probably trying to figure out which counts. Hopefully the outcome is soon, the anticipation is overwhelming.

  • They're not 'waiting' for anything. There's what, 20 counts for them to decide? It's just going to take a while.

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