More Stupid Laws

In case you planned to do anything of these things--Stop!


Wherever you go, you're subject to the laws of the land.  Whether federal, state, or municipal laws, we're bound by them all.  But there are laws on the books that make you wonder what was going on at the time that those laws were enacted.  Did the lawmakers face issues that we can't imagine today?  Did lawmakers anticipate odd problems we may have in the future?  Or are the lawmakers just trying to lighten things up a bit from all the heavy, serious issues they ordinarily deal with?


Whatever the motivation, these laws are out there.  Reader's Digest online recently published some gems that they found:


Laws seeming to protect animals:

Arizona has a ban on camel hunting.  I don't recall that there are any camels in Arizona--perhaps they should have created this law sooner, before they were all gone.  And in case you see a giraffe on the streets of Atlanta, you should call the authorities, because if you tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp you could be in trouble with the law.  Also, it is illegal in Ohio to get a fish drunk.  (Though I'm not sure what the legal limit is for a drunk fish.)


Laws attempting to protect our own safety:

Despite Florida's hot temperatures, if you're in a salon under a hair dryer, it is illegal to fall asleep.  And though friendly ball games are okay in New York, you have to stop short of throwing a ball at someone's head if you're doing it just for fun.  This would be an illegal reason to throw a ball at someone's head.


Possibly protecting the public?

Two states regulate beer sales in interesting ways.  North Dakota bans the simultaneous sale of both beer and pretzels in any restaurant or bar.  And Nebraska bans beer sales without the simultaneous presence of a kettle of soup on the stove.  North Dakota also seems concerned with what happens once you've left the bar.  It is illegal there to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.


Laws are out there to protect us and our world.  Some laws, such as these, are out there for reasons that are hard to imagine. 


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  • To bad you didn't check a few facts on the Arizona camel law.

    Arizona used to have camels for use as pack animals in our desert. It made sense to have a law against hunting them, although it is not clear such a law ever existed.

    However, today, no such law exists.

    Don't be lazy - at least check before propagating lies.

  • Too bad you didn't read closer. This is us re-stating what Reader's Digest said.

  • Errr.. .yes, reporting without checking. Whatever

  • I'm not able to understand the reason of making stupid laws. In my state, there are also some laws which are totally stupid. Some such laws are.

    1. Dogs may not bark after 6pm.
    2. No vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 miles per hour.
    3. It is unlawful to walk backwards after sunset.
    4. It is considered an offense to shower naked.

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