5 Blago Verdict Thoughts

I was going to blog on this after the verdict was read, but too many people take the approach that they need to get their thoughts out there even before they are composed.  So here are my (hopefully) composed thoughts.

1. This shows that re-trying him was the right call, especially after many of the original trial verdicts were 11-1 to convict.

2. Stream-lining the case by not trying Blago's brother was definitely the right call.  The prosecutors also seemed to do a much better job in their closing arguments with the road map they created and the simple analogies they used.

3. While I don't understand why the jurors didn't work on Fridays (we could have been done with this last week), they clearly worked hard on this verdict.  I would have thought that he would be guilty on all counts, but given that they said NOT GUILTY on one count and couldn't agree on two others tells me that they really put a lot of time in.

4. Blago must have known this was coming based on his decision to testify.  He was so close to getting nailed the first time around that his lawyers likely told him that he had to try something different.  That something was to try and explain away what he was saying by his own testimony.  He failed, but I don't blame him.  It would suck to think in your mind that you are innocent and could have gone free if you had just testified.

5. So the big question is, how long will he serve?  I think this Judge wants to nail him and make an example.  Technically he can get up to 300 years, but the sentencing guidelines call for much less than that.  I'm predicting 10 years.  You serve at least 85% of your time in Federal prison so he won't get to see his kids grow up.  I hope it was worth it. 

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