Was The Bin Laden Raid Legal?

Was The Bin Laden Raid Legal?

In the week since the raid and killing on Osama Bin Laden, many in the must get info now culture we are in have been asking questions rather than just enjoying the moment.  Did Obama seal the 2012 election?  Should we release photos?  Why are the Chicago baseball teams so terrible (ok, the last one would have been asked anyway).

But the dumbest of the questions that I've heard is, "Was the raid legal?"

The obvious answer, which main stream media doesn't get, is who cares?  I sure don't.  Would any of you have changed a thing our brave military did on May 1?  No way.

If anything this was a self defense matter.  I'm sure there are sensitive and important political issues with Pakistan that the powers that be need to work out, but I couldn't possibly care any less about it.

The next headline I see about this (yes I know I wrote a headline about this) I am going to puke.  Whatever your spin on what happened, this was a great day for our country.  Unfortunately too many in the media couldn't leave it at that.


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  • 100% spot on analysis...and ya gotta love that the people over at Fox are asking such questions.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    it's interesting that Fox didn't ask if torture or the detention of Americans like Jose Padilla without access to lawyers or real charges and evidence are legal or not. Ditto for the masive data mining, black sites, and every other law broken over the last 10 years. Anyone who still thinks we are a nation of laws and not men has not be awake for the last decade. and that's ignoring the Wall street corruption, the looting, the paying of 100 taxpayer cents on the dollar from a bankrupt AIG to Goldman Sachs and assorted thieves. is the raid legal is Fox's fascist humor.

  • In reply to Celt:

    To be honest and fair, I only see Fox News when I watch the Daily Show so while I assume they've done what you say, I actually got the thought for this post after seeing a headline on CNN.com and a bunch of newspapers sites.

  • I hear ya.

  • I'm surprised the ACLU hasn't weighed in on this.

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