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Breaking Up (Can Be) Easy To Do

When you’re ending a business partnership, the break-up can be easy–if you’ve created a proper partnership agreement at the outset.  When you’re starting out your partnership, whether it’s with a family member, friend, or other associate, you can feel full of hope and optimism.  You both have a great idea for a business; and you’ve... Read more »

Supreme Court Says "Screw You" To Consumers

The United States Supreme Court did corporations a huge favor yesterday by ruling that they can prevent their customers from bringing class action lawsuits by simply including an arbitration clause in their contracts. The case involved a consumer who wanted to join a class action lawsuit for an alleged bogus $30 charge they and thousands of others got from... Read more »

Does Jesse Jackson Discriminate?

Does Jesse Jackson Discriminate?
Jesse Jackson got sued a couple of weeks ago and it surprisingly got very little traction in the media.  Or maybe it’s not surprising.  An employee of Jackson’s civil rights organization, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, is claiming that he was harassed, discriminated against, and fired for being gay. According to published reports, the man was told... Read more »

13 Reasons Why Lawyers Aren't Successful

A lawyer who was starting his own practice called me looking for advice on making it.  I don’t know that I’m the right guy to ask that question, but we did talk about things that seem to make some attorneys successful and others not.  If you are a lawyer these days, before you get hired,... Read more »

Obama Wants Someone In India To Pick Your Doctor

President Obama’s health care reform plan was just revealed to require that if you want to see a doctor, you can no longer choose who you want to see.  Forget if you already know of a good doctor, have done your research or found one that is convenient to where you live.  Forget how serious... Read more »

11 Dumb Laws

I was reading that well know legal journal, Maxim, and they listed a bunch of idiotic laws in other countries.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse, so if you are heading to any of these places, beware.  It’s illegal to do the following:   Michael Helfand is the founder the leading resource for Illinois... Read more »

The Truth About Sharing A Lawyer

There are two reasons (at least) why it’s a terrible idea to share an attorney with someone on the “other side,” even if that person is a friend. First, the whole point is to have someone looking out for your best interests, and a joint attorney wouldn’t be able to do that. Second, in Illinois,... Read more »

Five Ways To Lower Your Legal Bills

Like car repairs or home improvement projects, legal bills can get out of hand quickly. But it’s not completely out of your control. Clients who stay on top of things can usually keep the costs down. These tips are for hourly fees. Flat rates and contingency fees (where the attorney earns a percentage of what... Read more »

Embellishing The Truth To Win Your Case

Yesterday the editors at the Tribune ran this editorial which is a the sky is falling look at what is wrong with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation system.  To be fair, there are some things wrong with our system, namely that reforms put in to place in 2005 to curtail some costs have not worked. Yet, as... Read more »

Letting Cook County Felons Off The Hook

The Cook County state’s attorney’s office has added another program aimed at giving criminals a second chance – along the same lines as the prostitute court that was added earlier this year. The new deferred prosecution program helps first-time felony offenders avoid a felony conviction on their record. It’s only available for non-violent crimes, like... Read more »