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Illinois Is A Joke When It Comes To Child Support

I just received an e-mail that said the following: “I’ve gone through the state since 2008 and still I have not received any child support. This is insane. Can you help?” The State of Illinois has a free agency that will help you collect child support payments from a deadbeat parent. I’ve received calls and emails... Read more »

My IRS Audit Story

Tax day is tomorrow.  After 10 years in business, I finally had my first IRS audit recently.  Technically it’s not over yet so perhaps this is the dumbest post I’ve ever written (I know a few readers who would disagree with that). The actual audit itself was painless.  The auditer is very nice, seemed more interested... Read more »

Suing The Police

In a recent post, I talked about lawsuits against the police. It was about how the city has been shutting down small lawsuits by refusing to settle. The result is that the injured person can’t find an attorney (minor injury, small case), so they don’t take it to trial or if they do they can’t... Read more »

Religious Law vs. Actual Law

Jewish law has its own rules for marriage and divorce, and some are recognized – and enforced – by state courts. When a couple marries under Jewish law, they sign a contract (called a ketubah) that sets out their obligations in marriage, as well as what would happen in divorce. These prenuptial agreements have been... Read more »

Why No Attorneys Are Winning Like Charlie Sheen

(By the way, I’m ashamed of even mentioning that guy.  Please go away Charlie). When hiring an attorney, many people ask about win-loss records. They want to know how likely it is that a certain attorney will win their case for them. It’s a valid question, in theory, but in reality it’s not an accurate... Read more »

Five Annoying Things Lawyers Say

Five Annoying Things Lawyers Say
I know what you’re thinking: Just five? I’ll be the first to admit that lawyers say some pretty obnoxious things. Some actually have a good reason behind them, others not so much… 1.        “You need a lawyer.” One reason that this is annoying is because people hope to hear that they don’t need a lawyer.... Read more »

Five Reasons Not To Go To Law School

Yesterday, I shared some good reasons to spend the time, energy and money on a law school education. But it’s not worth it for everyone. Here are five reasons to consider a different career. 1.       It’s going to be hard to find a job. This is true for the majority of people graduating from law... Read more »

Five Reasons To Go To Law School

Five Reasons To Go To Law School
I hosted a live chat on here recently, and a few people asked about law school. It’s a pretty personal decision, but I’m glad I did it. Here are some reasons to go for it. And tomorrow, I’ll give you some reasons to think twice.   1.       You get to be a lawyer. If that’s... Read more »

Blago Is Whacko

In his latest stunt, the ex-governor has asked the judge to cancel his retrial. It sounds crazy because it is crazy. Trials are cancelled all the time, but not because the defendant asks nicely. It’s because a plea deal is reached. The defendant pleads guilty in exchange for leniency and no trial. And that’s probably... Read more »

Drunk Driving Isn't Funny, But This Is

Drunk Driving Isn't Funny, But This Is
I was once asked if you can get a DUI if you are not in a car, but rather in a golf cart or something like that.  The answer is yes you can and the video above is a good example of that.  And honestly, the video is so funny that you’ll think it’s made... Read more »
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