You Better Watch Out . . .

We decided to jump on the bandwagon of the annual holiday drunk driving stories and blog posts. Given the number of alcohol related traffic stops and arrests this time of year, not to mention the countless injuries and deaths, it's worth repeating.

One story caught my eye the other day: John Hilkevitch's column in the Trib about driving services that will be your designated driver. The difference between these services and taking a cab or limo is that they will take you in your own car. You can pay them to drive you both ways, or call for a pick up if you decide at the end of the night that you shouldn't drive.

I wouldn't say these services are cheap, especially if you have to pay them to wait for you during dinner or a party. It might cost an extra $50 on top of whatever you're spending for a night out. But I can't think of a better example of money well spent.

We posted a while back about the true cost of a DUI, which has been estimated at $14,660. This includes not only the fine you'll get, but court costs, lawyer fees, insurance rate hikes, license reinstatement fees, time off work, treatment or classes and a driving device that measures your sobriety.

There are countless transportation options, especially in a big city like Chicago. Use them.

And remember, if you get pulled over this holiday season, you do not have to answer questions about whether you were drinking, you do not have to consent to field sobriety tests or a search of your car and you can refuse the post-arrest breath test (although for this last one a refusal means your license will be suspended). Unless you are 100% certain that you are sober, kindly refuse the officer's requests, and if you're arrested, remain silent and get an attorney.



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  • $14,660? Crazy, but I think even if this amount was tripled, people would still drive drunk! I have zero tolerance for such morons, especially when they endanger the lives of innocent people. Early New Year's morning, we witnessed such a person crashing in front of our house.... I have to upload the video I took of it all onto my blog. The man actually asked my husband to "help" him out and take the blame!

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