More on Post-Holiday Divorce

A few days ago I had a post on why so many people think about getting divorced after the holidays (as well as why there is a big increase in child custody and visitation battles).  A reader pointed out a problem that a lot of people have been having that make the holidays even worse.

So what's the problem?

People are under one roof together, driving each other nuts, but since neither one can afford to leave the house, they both end up staying.  My reader's friend had a husband who was trying to make her as crazy as possible so she would move out.  She didn't because she really has nowhere to go.

I've seen this a lot with families who would leave each other if they could just sell their home.  Problem as you probably know is that most people owe more on their home that it's worth so these couples get stuck together and tend to live under the same roof for a long period of time.

On the bright side, I did find one couple that saved their marriage because they were stuck together.  Before they decided to live together, but separate, they were always fighting and worried about what the other one was doing and why they didn't do more together.  Once they agreed that each would live their own lives they actually started to enjoy each other more.

So being annoyed by the person you live with isn't always a bad thing.  Sometimes it leads to people learning how to actually get along.



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