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When Trees Attack

An Illinois appeals court recently approved a jury verdict of more than $680,000 for a woman who was severely injured by a falling tree branch. The tree was on private property, but the branch extended over the sidewalk where the woman was standing. She was waiting for her family when the branch, which was 19... Read more »

More on Post-Holiday Divorce

A few days ago I had a post on why so many people think about getting divorced after the holidays (as well as why there is a big increase in child custody and visitation battles).  A reader pointed out a problem that a lot of people have been having that make the holidays even worse.... Read more »

You're Guilty--Do You Need a Criminal Attorney?

We are frequently asked this question by our readers:  I am guilty or my child is guilty…do I still need to pay a criminal defense attorney?  The answer, is definitely “yes.”  Criminal defense is not just for the innocent.  There are many rights to be protected and benefits to be had by being properly represented... Read more »

The Unwilling Sperm Donor

I’m asked dozens of legal questions every day. Most are basic questions about things like injuries, divorce, criminal defense. Many of these everyday legal problems are pretty straightforward, from a legal point of view.  I also hear some pretty interesting, unique stuff. Last week, a man called and told me that his wife had secretly inseminated... Read more »

I Ain't Saying She's A Gold Digger . . .

Ok, the title and the picture are not totally on point for the topic, but finding a good photo for dissipation of assets is a challenge above my feeble mind, especially right before Thanksgiving.    Dissipation of assets is when one spouse uses marital assets for their own benefit as the marriage is breaking down. In Illinois,... Read more »

If It Wasn't For Those Rotten Kids

Recently, I heard people decrying the state of teens today, and how differently they behave than when we were teens.  While this sounds like a new theory, in fact it is quite ancient.   Adults have been befuddled by teen antics since the days of Socrates and his famous quote that children “have bad manners, contempt... Read more »

Why Did The Chicagoan Not Cross The Road?

You’re taking a walk in the City of Chicago, and you come to a crosswalk.  Cars are moving fast; traffic is fairly steady.  There is no stop sign or traffic signal.   You explore your options:  wait until the traffic clears (does the traffic ever really clear?) or cross your fingers and hope for the best... Read more »

You Can't Compete With Me!!!

Your employer has asked you to sign an agreement restricting your work after your employment is over (non-compete).  Is that legal…should you sign it?  Here are some considerations:   1.  Did you get something for it?  A non-compete must be supported by consideration.  This means that it needs to be part of your employment agreement,... Read more »

If You Drive Drunk, Don't Be That Drunk

The state of Michigan recently upped DUI consequences for serious first-time offenders, increasing fines, jail time and making treatment programs mandatory. The new law applies to what they call super-drunk drivers, or those with blood alcohol levels of 0.17 and above. In Illinois, the law increases the penalties at .16. If your blood alcohol content... Read more »

When The Hospital Wants To Kick You Out

I just read the Tribune story about a woman’s refusal to have her elderly mother discharged from Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The hospital is bringing the matter to court, asking a judge to take away the daughter’s power of attorney and give it to someone else. The hospital doesn’t think the elderly woman, who has inoperable... Read more »