25 Things I Want For Christmas

Santa is coming to a mall near you.   Here are 25 things I want for Christmas.


  1. The state of Illinois to improve on their awful 37% success rate in child support collection cases.
  2. A system be created where parties can represent themselves in small claims matters in a Judge Judy fashion where the case is resolved in a day.
  3. Illinois to allow expungements for those convicted of non-violent crimes after 10 years of good behavior.
  4. Honest discussion on medical malpractice damage caps.
  5. The De-criminalization of minor drug offenses.
  6. The Illinois Eavesdropping Act to be modified so you can freely record sound on your property or in public places.
  7. A pony (hey, it's Christmas).
  8. More people to get jobs and keep them.  Talking to ten people a day that have been fired gets depressing.
  9. Less political hacks at the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission.
  10. People to stop using the term "activist Judge" when they don't get their way in court.  Buck up you sore loser.
  11. The City of Chicago to come up with a better program dealing with police abuse.
  12. The City of Chicago to have an online system for contesting parking tickets (I once got one when I didn't even own a car.  I mailed in my dispute and they said they never got it and I now owed).
  13. The City of Chicago to run more efficiently.
  14. Lawyers to stop yelling at their clients.
  15. Lawyers to always return a phone call within 24 hours.
  16. The Illinois Department of Professional Regulations to actually discipline bad offenders.
  17. Rod Blagojevich to say, "Yep, I did it."
  18. The City of Chicago to stop taxing bars that give away free drinks (yes, that happens).
  19. Judges to remember what they thought of bully Judges back when they were attorneys.
  20. A better memory of which pictures I've already used in my blog.
  21. The CTA to de-ice train platforms even though the Supreme Court said they don't have to.
  22. Attorneys that take over law firms that their father's built up to show a little more humility.
  23. People who call me with huge toll-way fines to stop acting like they didn't know the tolls applied to them.
  24. Clowns to stop running on to fields during games.  We get it, we're looking at you.  Enjoy your felony charges.
  25. More random acts of kindness.  It's a movement that is slowly catching on.  Pay someone's dinner tab, buy a stranger a drink, cheer for kids at a little league game (don't be creepy), volunteer for a cause that has no meaning to you, etc.  We've started to do these things more of late and it just feels good and right.

And if you don't want to do that, perhaps a tax free charitable donation before the end of the year.  Might I suggest www.sheryllapkamemorialfund.com  Happy holidays everyone.


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  • #12. I suggest you read this blog. Apparently, like red light cameras, this is just a random tax on Chicagoans and has nothing to do with parking.

    #13. See number 12.

    #9. Do you mean only hacks no taller than 3'9", or is this a diction error?

    #20. You better forget today's. Not even Frau Klaus wants to see that.

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