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Happy New Year

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What It's Really Like To Be A Lawyer

A few months ago I did a post on the reality of being a lawyer.  A reader sent me this video which hits the nail on the head on the realities of many in the legal profession as well as the rosy and often phony view of some perspective law students.  Best line is that... Read more »

Be Nosy!!!

A Lake Forest business man has been in the news recently for allegedly tricking investors into giving him large sums of money and then spending it on his family’s lavish lifestyle. The Chicago Tribune investigation revealed, among other things, that this guy has been sued 50 times and has filed for bankruptcy eight times. The... Read more »

When Age Discrimination is Legal

I was reading Mary Schmich’s column the other day about a 72-year-old woman who is starting her own PR firm. The main point of the column was that the woman did not hide her age. In fact, she put it right out there, both to stand apart from the competition and to make a point.... Read more »

Child Visitation By Computer

In Illinois, and a handful of other states, virtual visitation is actually written into the law. In the past, non-custodial parents were limited to phone calls as the way to communicate between visits. Now, video chats are becoming a popular alternative. In Illinois, judges have the authority to include virtual visitation as part of their... Read more »

I'm Taking The Dog!!!

The title of this post comes from a line in “Legally Blonde” which is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Custody of a pet can be as contentious as custody of a child, especially when two people purchase or adopt a pet together. However, the law traditionally treats animals as property. There is no special status... Read more »

Can Jurors Really Be Impartial?

  Jurors are supposed to be neutral, looking at the evidence and applying the law. If you’ve been chosen for jury duty, you probably remember the lecture. In reality, much more than just facts and law go into a juror’s decision, even if they don’t realize it. Jurors are human, after all.  It’s the whole... Read more »

Why People Cheat on Taxes

Three months ago I wrote a post about taxes and people getting paid under the table.  I thought of that post yesterday when I talked to a Dad that is in a financial mess. He has two kids from his first marriage.  Through a court order he pays 28% of his net check for child... Read more »

25 Things I Want For Christmas

Santa is coming to a mall near you.   Here are 25 things I want for Christmas.   The state of Illinois to improve on their awful 37% success rate in child support collection cases. A system be created where parties can represent themselves in small claims matters in a Judge Judy fashion where the case... Read more »

There Oughta Be a Law (And There Is)

A couple of weeks ago I had a post about who you can’t sue.  It was more about tort immunity, but the comments to the post also dealt with people complaining about frivolous lawsuits. This can be a maddening topic for me.  Some people, despite all evidence to the contrary, believe that our court system... Read more »