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Three Misunderstood Laws

I’ve said it before – you can sue almost anyone for almost anything. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll win, or that it’s even worth the effort. And in some cases, you really can’t sue. These three laws are often thrown around in conversation, but in reality they’re pretty useless if you’re seeking justice. Alienation... Read more »

Gay Marriage & Divorce in Illinois

Like it or not (and we don’t), gay marriage is not legal in Illinois.  That also means that gay divorce is not recognized here, even if you are legally married in another state. So if you are in a same sex marriage and want out, if you live in Illinois you are probably going to... Read more »

I Could Have Been Killed!!!

One of the most common calls I get is from someone looking for a personal injury attorney in Chicago.  Like any lawyer, I like getting these calls as it certainly is the easiest way to make money as a lawyer. However, as much as those calls are great, many seem to go something like this:... Read more »

Dora The Explorer is Suing!!!

Yesterday I wrote a post on waivers.  Part of that post involved me pointing out the importance of having a lawyer review a contract.  A reader then sent me an article about how getting a lawyer involved could have helped Dora the Explorer. The child actress and voice of Dora the Explorer, Caitlin Sanchez, is suing... Read more »

When Fluffy gets sick

I probably wouldn’t fork over $5,000 for medical treatment for a pet, but I certainly know people who would. I was reading Jennifer Weigel’s column recently on what people spend on pet health care, and it’s an interesting debate.  I realize many people love and treat their pet like a member of the family. It... Read more »

What happens when a lawyer is crooked?

Saw this in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin recently.  It’s a summary of discipline against unethical attorneys.  A lot of people believe that a lawyer can’t lose their license, especially since in Illinois lawyers police lawyers.  But the reality is that while there are many scummy attorneys walking our streets, many do get in trouble... Read more »

Do cops have traffic quotas?

Since I could first drive a car, any time someone got a ticket they complained something along the lines of “stupid cops have to meet their quota.” Is that true?  Do cops have a quota?  I honestly have no idea.  There are so many traffic tickets issued in Cook County and other parts of Chicagoland, it’s... Read more »

Do the holidays lead to divorce?

A couple of months ago I had a post on divorce and made a vague reference to the fact that the holidays lead to divorce.  A reader asked the great question of why is that so and I hopefully can answer that today.  All of this is true for child custody and visitation battles.  There... Read more »

Being Robbed When You Have Nothing

  Saw this yesterday online.  People call me often wondering if the tax relief services on TV are legit or not.  Well if you want proof that they aren’t, here you go. FTC shuts down TV ‘tax relief’ outfit Posted today at 12:45 p.m. By Gregory Karp | American Tax Relief LLC, which claims in... Read more »

I hear dead people

--> Spoiler alert!  Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. In Illinois courts, you won’t hear dead people.  Under the Illinois Dead Man’s Act you can’t testify what a deceased person you are suing said or was doing as they died.  For example, you get rear-ended and get out of the car.  The guy that hits... Read more »