How to scare off an attorney

I was called by someone who was looking for help getting custody of her daughter.  She was telling me what an awful person the father of the child was and how he smoked weed in front of the kids.  I was out of the office when she called so when I called her back, I asked her to e-mail me her contact information so we could talk more.

When I got the e-mail from her, it was something in the realm of gangstathug4life@.  Now she may be the best person to have custody of the kids, but perception is reality and her e-mail didn't present the best perception.

I've seen criminal defendants with copkiller@ as their e-mail and I actually had a guy who was charged with solicting a prostitute that had an e-mail which included bangingslutz as part of it.

Beyond that I will see a lot of odd e-mails like monkeylover@, ticklefetish@ and others that aren't shall we say, family friendly.

Now all of these people might be great and the criminal defendants might be innocent.  But aside from the fact that your e-mail address can be used against you if you are on the witness stand, an unprofessional e-mail address can certainly scare off a potential lawyer, not to mention potential employers.

Have any of you seen any awful e-mail addresses?  I'd love to hear about them.


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  • These people are idiots. The e-mail address can also be used against them as evidence in court.

  • I wouldn't necessarily call it awful, but this one guy called and said his contact username was WuTang[First Name]. He quickly became ashamed and said, "Shit, this is probably why I'm calling you in the first place for help."

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