Blagojevich sentencing and re-trial

I was quoted in Forbes yesterday about the Blagojevich trial and what his possible sentence might be.  I don't believe he will get sentenced until the new trial is over and done with.  And why we'll find out on Thursday, I think charges are likely to get dropped against Robert Blagojevich or he will be tried separately.  With most jurors reportedly finding for him and with most of the trial focused on Rod, it seems the right thing to do is dismiss Robert.

I have read where some pundits are calling on U.S. Attorney head Patrick Fitzgerald to resign and not re-try the ex-Governor.  I think that line of thinking is insane.  Most counts were 11-1 in favor of convicting.  Would you tell him not to re-try this case if it was a rape, murder or drug charge?  Of course you wouldn't.  Well, what Blago is accused of is also a felony.  Maybe not as heinous as a murder charge, but 23 felony counts none-the-less.

Patrick Fitzgerald, in my opinion, has demonstrated that he is not partisan and does his job with great passion.  He is incredibly respected in the legal community.  To say he should quit because one juror didn't vote guilty is not sensible.

What the prosecutors should do though it tighten up their case and do a better job at telling their story.  To me, their biggest flaw is that they brought up so much information.  Now that they have their one conviction, I think they are best served by focusing on what appeared to have been the strongest counts, namely extortion as related to the selling of the US Senate seat.  That happened in a tight period in 2008.  When you talk about that and then jump around to things that happened in 2004 and other times, it's just confusing and hard to follow.


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