Blagojevich, Martha Stewart and now Roger Clemens

What do all three have in common?  The first two have been convicted of lying to the Feds and now Clemens appears on his way as he was indicted yesterday afternoon for making false statements to Congress.

Of the three arrests, this has to be the dumbest.   At least Martha and the ex-Governor were trying to make some money.   Clemens pounded his fist on the table before Congress and said he has never taken steroids.  It seems like all he was trying to do is protect his ego.

Aside from the fact that Congressional hearings on drugs in baseball is a joke and a complete waste of time, Roger would have been much better served by pulling a Mark McGwire (not here to talk about the past) or Sammy Sosa (my English is no good) instead of pulling this non-sense.

The only people who have ever gotten in to real trouble over steroid use are the liars.  Barry Bonds is going to trial over it next spring and Clemens is on the way.

The moral of the story for us average Joes is to be honest and if that won't work, just say nothing.  I posted this back in June and the Clemens arrest shows why I'm right.  Trying to cover your ass or explain away your behavior will just get you in trouble.

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  • Martha Stewart is of no relevance to Clemens and there is nothing in common with Blagojevich and Clemens. The criminal justice system was abused and misused on her for political gain. She did no "lying to the Feds." Not one single word spoken by her or any Bush goon was recorded in a transcript or in sworn testimony.

    Martha Stewart was "convicted" because of modern-day mob rule spearheaded by the media, grossly incompetent legal representation that enabled, aided and abetted bogus charges, a prosecution-puppet judge, perjury by the state expert witness and a stealth juror.

    Martha Stewart made the decision to SELL ALL of her ImClone stock in a tender offer from Bristol-Myers based on sound investment management principles. This decision to "make some money" was absolutely legal in every respect in this capitalist democracy.

  • Thanks for the comment. It sounds as if Martha Stewart reads my blog!

    I think you are over-analyzing my post a bit. Fair or not, she was convicted of lying, not illegal trading or anything else they brought against her. And as a result she spent five months in jail. Blago is probably looking at the same if things stay the way they are and it will be worse for Clemens as he has more counts of lying. So it is completely relevant and they have a ton in common.

    In fact, if nothing was recorded in her case (I didn't follow it as closey as you) then it's just like Blago because his talk with the FBI wasn't recorded either. But it doesn't have to be recorded or sworn. Lying to the FBI (or for Clemens, Congress) is a Federal crime.

    So the moral of the story is that it's better to say nothing at all.

  • This blog is a 1st Amendment parasite misinforming and disinforming readers with misrepresentations.

    "Fair or not" is irrelevant idiocy - Clemens was charged with perjury about steroids - Martha Stewart was never under oath at any time and got nothing to do with steroids. Blagojevich was charged with political corruption and wire-tapped by the FBI - Martha Stewart got nothing to do with political corruption and FBI wire-tapping.

    "So it is completely relevant and they have a ton in common" is complete BS!

    " doesn't have to be recorded or sworn" and that's why the Bush goons could frame Martha Stewart in a conspiracy with bogus charges that were enabled, aided and abetted by grossly incompetent legal representation. Any lawyer who ignores this egregious legal malpractice is completely devoid of professional ethics and integrity.

    "Lying to the a Federal crime" has no relevance to Martha Stewart because she was framed and railroaded on bogus charges. Being a mere mortal, having no personal or firt-hand knowledge of the facts, and in an evidenciary void, only a liar can lie about her "lying to the FBI."

    This is the "moral of the story" as to Martha Stewart: Targeting her for destruction and abusing and misusing the criminal justice system on her for political gain have backfired royally on the Bush goons. She now symbolizes powerful deterrence against wrongful political abuse and misuse of the criminal justice system.

  • Wow, I touched a nerve. She wasn't under oath and neither was Blago. Lying to the FBI is the crime. So if you don't over-analyze it, you'll see that the moral for readers (as I'm not picking on her, just giving an example of someone who did go to jail after being convicted of lying) is that you tell the truth or say nothing at all.

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