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McDonald's Lawsuits: I'm Not Lovin It

According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, a woman is suing McDonald’s after her daughter was burned by a cup of hot chocolate they purchased at a drive-through in Schiller Park. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County last week, alleging that the lid was not secured and the drink spilled on the... Read more »

Ignorance is no defense to criminal charges

(I I could have used a photo of Rod Blagojevich). Just because you didn’t know something was illegal, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Maybe you didn’t realize you were breaking the law, or you had no intention of breaking the law. You can still be charged with a crime, convicted of that crime, and... Read more »

If you like it, put a ring on it

You may have heard people throwing around the term Common Law Marriage, despite the fact that it doesn’t exist in most states, including Illinois. Common law marriage is when the law considers a couple to be married, without an official marriage license or ceremony, if you live together like husband and wife for a certain... Read more »

High-school sweetheart, or sex offender?

In Illinois, it’s illegal for two people under the age of 17 to have sex, even if both consent. A conviction can include jail time and a hefty fine. It may seem extreme when you’re talking about two willing 16-year-olds. Although it’s probably enforced less in this situation, it does come up, especially in cases... Read more »

Dealing with bossholes

We’re not sure why you wouldn’t treat your employees with respect if you were a business owner or boss. If you don’t treat them well, they aren’t going to do their best work for you. They can be the key to your success, or failure. Yet we hear from people all the time who are... Read more »

Divorce sucks, but hopefully this helps

I have a saying.  There are three certainties in life.  Death, taxes and after a  major holiday weekend I will get a lot of calls from people looking for a divorce lawyer in Chicago (DUI too). I don’t think there is a lawyer in town that you could hire where at the end of a... Read more »

Blagojevich sentencing and re-trial

I was quoted in Forbes yesterday about the Blagojevich trial and what his possible sentence might be.  I don’t believe he will get sentenced until the new trial is over and done with.  And why we’ll find out on Thursday, I think charges are likely to get dropped against Robert Blagojevich or he will be tried... Read more »

How to scare off an attorney

I was called by someone who was looking for help getting custody of her daughter.  She was telling me what an awful person the father of the child was and how he smoked weed in front of the kids.  I was out of the office when she called so when I called her back, I... Read more »

How does this happen?

A reader sent me this article asking me how a pimp can be arrested 55 times and not be in jail for life?  Especially when he was allegedly imprisoning women. My first instinct was that I have no idea.  After that, given that he’s older, he probably has a lot of arrests from when he was... Read more »

Blagojevich, Martha Stewart and now Roger Clemens

What do all three have in common?  The first two have been convicted of lying to the Feds and now Clemens appears on his way as he was indicted yesterday afternoon for making false statements to Congress. Of the three arrests, this has to be the dumbest.   At least Martha and the ex-Governor were trying... Read more »